What is E-Health, What is the Concept?

The development of information technology brings people to an era of openness. All information can be so easily accessed without limits. Includes information about the world of health. That is one of the concepts promoted by e-health.

The formal definition of e-Health can be found, among others, as proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), namely “the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health to, for example, treating patients, pursue research, educate students, track diseases and monitors. public health. “

some concepts in e-health:

1. Efficiency
Improve the efficiency of health services by avoiding unnecessary diagnosis or therapy, communication between health service providers and patient involvement.

2. Enhancing quality of care
Improving the quality of health services through ways that allow patients to obtain health care information from a number of service providers and involve consumers as determinants of quality assurance factors.

3. Evidence based
E-health is also based on evidence. Health services are based on evidence and research is not just experience.

4. Empowerment
E-health opens opportunities for patient-based treatment and allows patients to choose based on evidence.

5. Encouragement
Improve relationships between patients and health care providers.

6. Education
E-health can be a learning tool for doctors and patients through online sources and Health education

7. Enabling
Allows the exchange of information and communication with standard formats among health service providers. So there is no invalid data among health care providers.

8. Extending
Allows the expansion of the scope of health services by means of consumers getting information online through a global provider (consultation to purchasing pharmaceutical products).

9. Ethics
Involves new interactions between patients and health care providers. Here there are challenges to privacy, information provision, and service delivery equality.

10. Equity
One of the goals to be achieved through e-health is health services that can be reached by anyone.

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