What Happens When A Woman Before And After Menstruation

What Happens When A Woman Before And After Menstruation – not excessive if said before or during menstruation for women is similar to when riding a roller coaster. Emotions that go up and down often approach women before or when the month comes.

Emotional instability before and during the month, is actually caused by changes in hormonal balance. The following is a sequence of hormonal changes that occur before and during menstruation according to Serdar Bulun M.D. from Northwestern University; Robert Casper M.D. from the University of Toronto, Nicholas Panay MRCOG from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London

1. Four weeks before menstruation

One month before menstruation, the brain’s pituitary gland releases follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) in the bloodstream. The release of these two hormones is a sign for the ovaries to release their eggs.

When a message is received, the ovary will release the most mature egg into the ovary canal (fallopian tube). From the channel, the egg takes several days to reach the uterus. (Read Also : Changes In The Nature Of Women During Menstruation)

During the passage of the egg, the ovary will increase estrogen production. This hormone triggers the edge of the uterus to prepare itself as a place for the embryo to dwell.

2. Two weeks before menstruation

When the uterus begins to build tissue and increase blood intake, the ovaries release a key pregnancy hormone called progesterone. When this happens, a woman’s body temperature usually rises a few degrees.

Progesterone is also the reason for the spread of breast milk in the breast. As a result, the breasts appear bigger and hurt when touched.

Progesterone may interfere with the brain’s chemical circulation, including the mood regulating hormone called serotonin. This has an effect on the amygdala, which is a brain structure related to emotions. The result is two typical emotions when pre menstruation syndrome (PMS) occurs, which is anger and anxiety.

Progesterone works with estrogen in preparing the uterus. During the preparation of the uterus, the intestine is relaxed. This results in increased gas production until the stomach feels like bloating. This change also triggers a woman’s desire to continue eating.

3. When menstruation arrives

When one month passes and the egg is not fertilized, estrogen and progesterone production begins to decline. This slowly returned the emotional state after PMS. (Read also : How To Relieve Pain During Menstruation Quickly And Naturally)

At the same time, uterine begins to release prostaglandin hormones. This hormone helps the release of extra tissue and blood that accumulates in the uterus. Prostaglandin forces the uterine muscles to contract, causing pain.

In some women, prostaglandin also causes nausea. This impact can be overcome by consuming certain drugs such as ibuprofen, or diligently exercising.

Although it looks very ‘horrendous’, in fact the average amount of blood lost from the body during the menstrual period ranges from one cup or a few tablespoons.

4. When menstruation end

When the menstrual period is over, it can be said that there is a ‘throbbing’ emotion due to the hormonal imbalance ending. Even so the ovaries will begin to release their eggs again, so the process sequence will begin again soon.

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