Sharing Menstrual Blood Colors and the Meaning Behind It

Have you ever wondered why your menstrual colors are often different? it turns out the color of menstrual blood can indicate your health condition, you know. Here are 8 menstrual colors and the meaning behind them. (Read also:how to relieve pain during menstruation quickly and naturally)

1. Bright red

The color you usually see in the middle of your menstrual cycle is very normal, because that means fresh blood from the tissue lining your uterine wall is being eroded. But if you always experience severe cramps or intense pain so you can’t go about your daily activities, you should visit a gynecologist to check other reasons behind it.

If your menstrual blood clots like strawberry jam, that’s a sign that your body is experiencing an imbalance of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Reduce milk, soy and sugar products before visiting a gynecologist.

2. Dark Red

The longer the menstrual blood is stored in the uterus, the darker the color when it comes out. Therefore, you will often see dark red when you wake up in the morning or when your blood flow is more than usual. Color can also show that erosion in the lining of the uterus has diminished and is a sign that your menstrual cycle is almost complete.

3. Pink

Pink blood can occur when the menstrual cycle is shorter or when your period is less than usual. Pink blood can also be an indication that estrogen levels in the body are low. Are you stressed, actively exercising, or experiencing a drastic change in weight? These factors can be the reason. If every month your menstrual cycle is short, it can mean that you lack vitamin and nutrient intake. Increase consumption of protein-rich foods like yogurt and almonds,

4. Brown / Black

If your menstrual blood has been stored in the uterus for a long time or your menstrual cycle is irregular, it’s natural that your menstrual blood color is brown. But if menstrual blood comes out in gray or black, you may experience a uterine infection or a sign of miscarriage for pregnant women. (Read also: causes of menstrual blood mixed with mucus)

5. Orange

If your menstrual blood color is a little orange but it smells normal, it doesn’t matter! But if the texture and smell of your menstrual blood is strange, this condition can indicate a sexually transmitted disease. Visit a doctor as soon as possible.

6. Blue / Purple

Seriously? Yes, blue or purple menstruation will definitely make you panic, but the phenomenon is actually not dangerous, really. You will see a little blue or purple when the blood has clotted (and this is also a natural thing). If Miss Cheerful bleeds blue or purple, that means your body is absorbing excess estrogen! Add fiber to your diet so that the menstrual color returns to normal. (Read also: menstrual blood clots, is it normal?)

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