Pros and Cons of the Electronic Medical Records system

In today’s digital era there are many innovations that will facilitate our work, including data that used to be based on manual writing to be converted into digital form. This has caused many agree and cons between the community or parties involved including EMR (Electronic Medical Records) issues.

The following is a description of some of the advantages and disadvantages of using EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

The advantages of EMR are as follows:

  1. Reduce misunderstanding of notes
    Should the use of EHR (Electronic health record) reduce errors in medical records. There is no doubt that handwritten notes that cannot be understood. This can reduce many human errors due to unreadable spelling errors and different terminology. By using EMR standardization the patient’s health records may eventually become acheivable.
  2. Data is stored safely.
    Paper containing patient record data can be easily lost. We have heard how fires of floods and other natural disasters destroy physical records for years that have been lost forever. Digital archives can be stored almost forever and can be stored long after the physical record is lost. EMR also helps maintain health information records that patients tend to forget about the time of inoculation of previous diseases and drugs.
  3. Efficient Health care costs
    The EMR can maximize the cost of health care for these patients by consolidating all data to do the right medical treatment. Previously paper-based medical recording records were sometimes in different places and to get all the data needed a lot of time and money. Manual data obtained must check and be evaluated related to the synchronization of the patient’s condition.
  4. EMR can save your life.
    Regarding medical actions carried out in accordance with the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) it is possible to identify and diagnose quickly so that it can save the lives of these patients. Classic examples are people with diabetes and / or heart disease who have a high risk of sudden relapse. In these emergency conditions the EMR is very helpful in handling patients quickly and precisely.
In America many have developed this system including VeriChip Corporation and has been approved by the FDA. VeriChip is useful in vehicle accidents and other trauma incidents where victims are unable to answer questions. Other uses are the occurrence of natural disasters on a large scale, VeriChip can facilitate the tracking and identification of victims. According to a forensic officer in Mississippi VeriChip helped identify victims in the Hurricane Katrina incident.

Earlier this year Google Health launched an online service about personal health records. Google Health is based on the principle of storing patient data that is easily accessible and safe so as to make it easier to control public health. One feature of the Google Health service includes records from hospitals and pharmacies that have been activated or registered with Google Health partners.

Another large company that is developing other online health information storage services is Microsoft. The features provided are more or less the same as the features on Google Health. Keith Toussaint, the new senior program manager at Microsoft HealthVault, stated that leading hospitals like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have used this system, they are integrating between Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

Next is the Disadvantage of EMR?

Related parties who feel aggrieved about this system are advocates who think that data about them must be truly private and not easy to see by people who are not approved for the data.

The following is what they say

EMR threatens our privacy. At this time many people who feel uncomfortable about their medical records are digitized, this is very disturbing their privacy which is caused by the possibility that digital data can be seen by people who do not have permission. This is an attack on privacy and denies the person’s rights. The confidentiality of data between doctors and patients should be very sacred. In addition medical data in some cases is used by large companies to see prospective employees they will recruit. This further adds to people’s fear of attacks on their personal space.

The EMR system can cause loss of human touch in health care. In the process of digitizing the interpersonal aspects in health services may be lost. Another thing is that there is no facility for doctors or other health practitioners to write and explain what they think and feel based on their personal observations using their own words.

With the EMR system Doctors are forced to think in predetermined categories and rarely can express personal opinions in individual cases. Because of the lack of flexibility of many electronic reporting systems there are some cases of misdiagnosis of illness from patients and they have sued them.

In some descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of using the EMR system above can open us to the choice of our health system. Are you ready with the system or are you still hesitant to use it. Of course readers who can recognize environmental conditions and the level of guaranteed your privacy.

In essence this EMR will continue to be developed to update the system which according to some communities is still less flexible. The purpose of this system is to make it easier to control health and the data is safe from bad parties.

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