How To Launch Irregular Menstruation

How to launch an irregular Menstruation Naturally – Menstruation is a problem that is definitely faced by women. when menstruation emerges sometimes women will feel uncomfortable and even disturbed. Although it only lasts for a few days, many women are afraid of menstruation is not smooth.

To make menstruation run smoothly, it’s actually very easy. according to DR OZ you must be able to proclaim a healthy life program, such as consumption of nutritious foods, regular exercise, healthy diet, and much more. Here we submit full information about the tips for launching irregular menstruation. (Read also : How To Relieve Pain During Menstruation Quickly And Naturally)

How to launch an irregular Menstruation Naturally

1. Enough Rest

Rest is an absolute requirement for the body to optimize all functional organs in it. with enough rest, your menstruation can also be more regular. Remember, the best rest is sleep. Therefore, make sure that every day you sleep at least 8 hours or more will be better.

If you are forced to not be able to rest every day because of busy work, at least take one day a week for full rest. Thus your menstruation will become smoother and more regular.

2. Light Sports

Sports is also very important to always be done by a woman so that her period becomes smoother. There are lots of sports you can do every day, but make sure you do light exercise like jogging and walking. because heavy sports will cause menstruation to be not smooth. Given the condition of the body experiencing fatigue due to heavy exercise will cause hormonal disorders in our body.

3. Use comfortable underwear

Bra and underwear used must always be considered comfort. This is so that when you menstruate later, the underwear does not cause discomfort, especially if there is a kind of swelling.

Make sure you choose underwear or bras that are easy to absorb sweat, loose, and not too tight. Besides aiming to make it comfortable, a bra that easily absorbs sweat is also very good to prevent the development of germs and bacteria that cause dangerous diseases.

4. Consumption of menstruating foods

Food is also able to be an easy way to launch menstruation, of course the food in question is menstruation-smoothing food. The following menstruation-smoothing foods.

  • Green vegetables, the content of B vitamins, iron, and fiber are very good for launching the digestive system and can also launch irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Nuts, good fats and omega in foods this one is believed to be very effective for treating irregular menstruation.
  • Red meat, besides red meat vegetables can also be a high source of iron.

5. Launch of menstruation with herbal remedies

There are a lot of herbal ingredients that we can use to overcome menstruation less smoothly. Natural ingredients such as turmeric, coriander and nutmeg seeds. (Read Also : All You Have To Know About Menstrual Pain)

How to boil these natural ingredients using enough water. Then the consumption of natural herbal decoction water is routinely every one day maximally 1 time.

Those are some ways to start menstruation that is not normal naturally according to DR OZ. By doing some of the above methods routinely, not only is your menstruation smooth, but your reproductive system will also be healthier. good luck

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