Changes In The Nature Of Women During Menstruation

Female physiological changes usually occur when experiencing PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) these hormones fluctuatively change without signal and occur suddenly, making women very difficult to understand. In fluctuations in the hormones estrogen and progesterone are very closely related to PMS, the types of emotions they have are different, this may make women sensitive to some of the changes that occur and have an impact on some symptoms such as fatigue, increased anxiety, high emotional and other changes .

Women are creatures that are difficult to understand, not even in menstruation, under normal conditions, the feeling is very difficult to guess. It turns out that not only men, but sometimes women themselves also do not understand the feelings that are difficult to represent. Menstruation occurs once a month, and in this condition there are many physical and mental changes. (Read Also : All You Have To Know About Menstrual Pain)

Here are 13 changes that occur when a woman experiences menstruation:

1. Lack of appetite.

When a woman is menstruating, sometimes an erratic mood change makes her feel like she is lazy, even sometimes loss of appetite also occurs in some women who are menstruating.
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2. Mood swing

No need to be surprised with the mood changes that occur in women who are menstruating, there are indeed some characteristics of mood disorders that occur, as if he is very difficult to control his feelings at that time, it could be that the happy feeling he was experiencing immediately changed instantly into a feeling of sadness and mellow. Even things that make him uncomfortable can change his mood right away. So you should be aware of the changes in nature that occur in women during menstruation.

3. Easy Emotion

Some say the emotions of women who are menstruating can be more fierce than lions in the forest. There are actually a number of effective ways to control a woman’s emotions, but if this relates to changes in traits when PMS feels less effective. because the feeling of difficulty controlling excessive emotions sometimes occurs in women who are menstruating. So it’s best to avoid conversations that make women easily emotional, because instead of correcting the situation even worsening the situation, women could suddenly get angry at something that is not clear, even it was done unconsciously.

4. Lazy to do activities

Sometimes some women who are experiencing menstruation, feel uncomfortable with the stomach cramps that occur, this occurs in some cases and results in disturbing the daily activities that normally do, the difficulty of doing daily activities that he usually does to be the cause of the feeling of mals arises and need more rest in conditions like this.

5. Super Sensitive

Humans are generally various types of human nature divided into several parts, one of which is difficult to understand is someone’s sensitive feelings. Women who are menstruating usually become very super sensitive than usual. It’s best to be careful when speaking when talking to women who are menstruating, because a little can be very offensive. Speak well and smoothly so as not to mention the things that are in him.

6. Having excessive appetite

When a woman is in menstruation, estrogen in her body decreases, there are some women who are having menstrual periods become increasingly greedy, it seems all food wants to eat. Indeed there is no credible research on this subject, but almost all women who are menstruating experience it.

7. possessive

Changes that generally occur when a woman is menstruating are becoming more possessive in a partner, it’s better to be alone if you see your partner more possessive than usual, because this is only temporary, possessive nature will return to normal as the menstrual period ends.

8. Always need pain relievers

For you women who are menstruating, they will always feel the abdominal cramps that are bearable, as a result always look for pain relievers during menstruation, you should stop doing this because it will make your uterus dry, you should consult this doctor to check this out.

9. Feeling always wanting to be noticed

For those who already have a partner will surely see the differences that occur in their partners, who are usually ignorant now look thirsty for attention, just understand the nature of changes that occur, because this is only temporary.

10. Easy to be offended

Indeed, it feels very annoying to face someone who is easily offended, even any conversation will make him misunderstand, well … you should reduce the conversation that will offend him, be careful with the changes in the nature of this one woman while menstruating, because it could be an uncomfortable conversation offended him.

11. Feeling always wanting to win by yourself

Women are creatures who always wear feelings compared to their logic, while men are creatures who always prioritize logic rather than feelings, for this problem men should succumb to their partners who are experiencing changes in nature during menstruation, because if the couple does not understand the changes that occur when Men who are menstruating will not solve the problem, but it will worsen the situation even more. because women who are menstruating always want their partner to better understand his situation and feel everything he does is right.

12. Become melancholy

Feelings of sadness can befall someone when they are facing a situation or situation that makes him want to shed tears, feelings that make women want to be alone and need time so they can think positively again, but there are times when the nature of what is commonly called billionth suddenly appears for no reason This can actually happen when a woman is menstruating.

13. Like not connecting.

Sometimes when you are having menstruation, not a few women are also followed by anemia, so if you are outside the house, it always feels heavy when doing activities. Even sometimes it doesn’t connect when invited to discuss.

Thus the explanation related to any changes in the nature of women during menstruation that can be identified so that it is easy to read women’s emotions correctly and understand them.

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